Refrigerator Without a Freezer: Buyer Checklist to Consider Before Ordering

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I have always advised and recommended consumers that if they do not require a freezer, then don’t go for it. Every home has it’s own refrigeration requirements, and people living in really cold places actually do not have spend on unnecessary features. Rather than choosing a regular fridge, you should consider other options which saves you money and electricity.

Today we will be covering a few options that are alternatives to regular refrigerators.

After a thorough research, reviews, and testing different types of refrigeration options for homes with variety of requirements, a freezerless refrigerator without a freezer is a perfect match for consumers who do not require a freezing compartment.

As of 2016, consumer electronics manufacturers are making refrigerators without freezers with variety in mind so as to cater to all groups of the consumer society. These varieties in products range from small to full size refrigerators, regular door to drawer type refrigerator, etc.

Unlike yester year, these days we have this option to choose a refrigerator for a specific application, for example, home use only, or for offices, dorm rooms, small hotels, and also for medical use. I personally use haier HC32SA42SB 3.2 cubic feet freezerless fridge at my office.

I thought it would be helpful to share some insights into these freezerless fridges first, here we go.

Types of freezerless refrigerators.

  1. First type we are discussing is the compact fridge, the compact refrigerators are small enough even to be put up as a counter top in your kitchen.There are larger but compact fridges available too, which can be positioned under a counter.Both these small and larger compact refrigerators fit well in your dorm room, in your small office. We do have compact refrigerator to store beverages like beer with suitable temperature for a longer shelf life.
  2. Second in the list is the chest refrigerators, the doors are on the top and helps lose minimal cold air whenever you open the door making it more energy efficient.
  3. The chest refrigerator door is so very well designed keeping in mind the available space for opening and closing without any hinderance.Even a chest fridge like the compact refrigerators come with various sizes and uses for different storage purposes.
  4. Unlike the conventional fridges, the freezerless chest refrigerators are built with baskets which are easily movable and replacable.A regular full sized freezerless refrigerators are the units free standing which are the perfect fit for home use, restaurants.
  5. They come in different door versions, for example, double door and single door, etc.
  6. There is one setback when comparing the chest and the compact refrigerators, the chest refrigerator is a bit lesser on the energy efficiency feature.
  7. An Energy Star Certified fridge is always an optimum choice in the long run in terms of energy and cost savings.
  8. Freezerless drawer refrigerator is the third type with drawer cabinets to pull from the bottom of the cabinet. They come with 2 and 3 doors.
  9. Final type but one of my favorite is the Glass front freezerless fridge which are often installed in the restaurants and provide a clear view of what is inside the refrigerator. A little towards energy efficiency because the doors are not opened as frequently as in with a standard refrigerator.
  10. The glass door freezerless fridge is best suited for places where customers can pick what they want without having to open the doors and also for cooking individuals to pick the ingredients when required.

Do remember that a freezerless refrigerator selection is not difficult if you put some time into picking the right dimension, layout, and the storage capacity required for your kitchen needs. This saves a big deal of shopping confusion for consumers who are looking for a refrigerator without a freezer compartment.

Honest Reviews on The Latest Dishwashers

A good dishwasher is your time saver, many people including me like to spend some time at the kitchen but not cleaning vessels though. Cooking is just an hobby to me, but when it comes to cleaning those dishes, I just tend to be more lazy.

customer reviews

You might be thinking of a dishwasher that can serve this purpose for a long time now. I was in the same position back a few months. Things, have changed a lot for me though, and I owe a lot of this to my new found love for automating boring stuff at home including the kitchen and cleaning stuff.

If you are looking to enjoy life and free up some time, then I suggest you take a look at upgrading your kitchen first. Guys, there are so many advanced technologies out there in the market for the money which can just slice the wasted time on all the kitchen task into half or more.

One such recommendation is owning the best dishwasher with full features everything built-in or integrated into one appliance. This should save you time, money as well as water, making this a more of an efficient way to do our daily kitchen routines and in a environment friendly manner.

Basic Cleaning Methods – How do they clean?

Water along with some dishwasher detergents are sprayed onto the vessels to get rid of the dirt, which is then rinsed with fresh water. And there is heater also which helps in faster drying of the dishes.

And yes, as I did you should too have questions on which brand of dishwasher buy?

This checklist might shorten your research time.

How to Choose a good Dishwasher?


Unless, you are finding it hard to pay for a descent dishwasher never skip it. The reason, for this is the fact that the dishwashers last for an average of 10 years and if you settle for a cheaper option, then it means 10 years with a comprised appliance doing the cleaning in the kitchen.


You should be knowing the different types of dishwashers available today. They are usually classified based on size and features. A few common types are portable, built-in, integrated dishwashers, etc. A portable is usually 18 inches in dimensions and built-in or integrated version is 24 inches in dimension.


Usually dishwashers are known for their grumbling sound and it does not sync well with people who work all day long at office and deserve a quite environment at home at-least. And this is why a few people prefer to go with a quite dishwasher and it comes at a price. But, honestly it is well worth the price you pay for at the end of the day you will have some peace of mind.

A few brands are popularly known for operating at a nearly low noise, and it is merely noticeable. You will enjoy this feature, a low sound cleaning. 🙂

Food Disposal

How do you like the fact that an automatic food disposer would remove any left over food without user’s intervention. If you prefer a completely automated dishwasher, then food disposal option should save you.

Water heater

Studies reveal that heating water before cleaning up the dishes eliminates majority of the germs on the vessel. Check for this feature when you are out there shopping for a dishwasher.

There is a new technology on dishwashers in the town, that indicates dirt in your vessels.

We have listed the popular brands in a random order the list will be a good starting point.
Consumer Ratings

Top 10 Dishwasher Brands.

  1. Bosch.
  2. Kitchenaid.
  3. Whirlpool.
  4. LG.
  5. Maytag.
  6. Kenmore.
  7. Fridgaire.
  8. Miele.
  9. GE Profile.
  10. Samsung.

Heavy Duty Sewing Machines: How to Choose a Heavy duty Sewing Machine

As we all know there are various versions of sewing machines, for example, mechanical or electronic sewing machines, for home use sewing machines, the fully computerized sewing machines, and the last version is the industrial or commercial sewing machine. And an heavy duty sewing machine is a type that is particularly manufactured for rigorous work, I mean for mass production work, for example, textile industries, etc.

sewing heavy duty machine-buying guide

For applications involving heavy fabrics a heavy sewing machine is the ideal choice among professionals for a quality output and easy finishing. And professionals opt for the best and reliable sewing machine from the top brands since they work on a tight schedule.

You just can’t imagine the work an heavy duty sewing machine can do which includes basic work like monograms, blind hem, quilting, buttonhole, and not to forget the decorative sewing purposes. An heavy duty machine is built only for non-stop work and it also features plug and play equipment to attach and use it for wide range of applications.

Did you know that the heavy duty machines actually sew the daily items that we use in life like, for example, bags, upholstery, tents, tarps, auto, luggage, outdoor clothing, covers, and many more in the list that one can imagine.

The top speed of these machines is up-to 1000+ every minute, by now you should have gauged the power of this machine and understand why they are called heavy duty. Designed to sew any kind of material cloth ranging from silk to denims, leather.

Since the nature of the work demands some speed these machines are equipped with built-in threader, extension bed for saving time.

Almost all the major sewing machine manufacturers produce an heavy duty version.

Before you decide to purchase one of these sewing machines, make sure you check out the accessories like the one mentioned here bobbins, assorted needles, spool cap, twin needles, eight presser feet, etc.

Top Rated Heavy Duty Sewing Machine Models.

We have listed heavy duty models from three of the top rated brands such as Singer 4423 heavy duty, Janome 2212 Sewing Machine, Brother HC1850 Sewing Machine  are a few models manufactured by the major sewing machine manufacturers.

Usually priced between $150 to $250 these heavy duty machines are worth their price in return to the amount of work they can do. These machines are available online too and be sure you check all major companies and their models and make your final decision.

If you are confused, let us help you out – use our contact page to ask questions.

Food Dehydrators: How to Dry Fruits in a Healthy Way Using a Dehydrator?

Each year we see a lot of new kitchen appliances popping up on the consumer electronics market.

Innovative technologies have emerged to a level where the kitchen appliances are miniaturized and energy efficient. One such appliance is the food dehydrator.

A good food dehydrator will dry the food items and preserve the food for a really long time. The food so prepared is both healthy and tasty to eat.

Nesco snackmaster Food DehydratorThe food items dehydrated does retain most of the vitamins; this is true for both fruits and vegetables. It is scientifically proven that fruits and vegetables after dehydration contain

It is scientifically proven that fruits and vegetables after dehydration contain high level of calorie concentration and some nutrients in one place. I personally recommend the use of only the best and reliable food dehydrator for dehydrating vegetables and fruits.

Dehydrated food items are safe from contaminants that are usually the case with the canned food. It is worth noting that dehydrating meat also helps preserve it for a much longer time.

The health benefits of dehydration are more than you actually think. I have made a small attempt to list the best benefit I think fit below:

  1. Retain the taste and nutritional value of the food item.
  2. Extends the life of food item.
  3. A few food items are better to taste and eat when they are dehydrated.

Types of Dehydrators?

For your information, food dehydrators come in various models, price range, capacity. Here are a few listed below:

  1. Dehydrators with fan system underneath. This system blows hot air from the bottom.
  2. Dehydrators with top fan system. These dehydrators blow hot air from the top to dehydrate food items.
  3. Dehydrators with side walls heating dock system.

Best Practice While Using a Food Dehydrator.

The functioning of a food dehydrator is pretty simple. You have to switch on the dehydrator and set the temperature and time, then you are done.

One thing to keep in mind is that food dehydrators of different models function differently and their settings might not be the same in each of the dehydrating machines. Also, each food item has its very own dehydration specifications to cater for.

Ease of Operation.

Place your food item in the tray and load them into the dehydrator then switch “ON”, it is that simple. Just follow the instructions given in the user manual to set up the temperature for different types of food.

Food dehydrators come with custom trays for specialized food items for accommodating, proper drying, and later for cleaning the trays easily.

Portable and Handy for Travelers.

You can carry these dehydrators along in a bag. Isn’t that cool?

Food dehydrators come in handy to dry fruits for your morning breakfast which is very healthy. Some people even mix these dehydrated fruits and herbs with yogurt for a tasty liquid shake.

When you are travelling, do consider carrying dehydrated foods because this occupies less space.

Electric Pressure Washer For Residential Use

Well, we are back with yet another buying guide and this time it is for an electric pressure washer. This is a topic, that I was waiting to write about for a long time now. A friend of mine was curious to know which brand is good and how to choose the right model for his residence.power washer reviews

How to pick a Power Washer for cleaning at your home?

Even before I explain more about the procedures to choose the best pressure washer for home, I recommend you to note down the following tips.

  1. PSI (Pressure Per Square Inch).
  2. Amperage.
  3. CU.
  4. HP.

Usually home use pressure washers serve very well for car washing, cleansing outdoor furniture, the dirt meat grills, concrete decks, and also your patios.

If you are seriously looking for a good power washer for home use then you have to decide whether you need an electric power washer or else a gas powered washer.

So what is the difference between the two?

Electric Power Washers Vs Gas Powered Washers.

Let me explain about the advantages and drawbacks of the models.

Gas-powered power washers.

Best suited for cleaning applications like cleaning the siding,  decks, and removing dirt and tough stains from small to large areas which would normally be time consuming if done manually. These washers pump water pressure from anywhere between the range of 2,000 to 3,000  psi vs. 900 to 1,700 psi for electric power washers, this is what makes the gas washers get rid of dirt 2 to 3 times faster when compared to an electric washer.

The drawbacks do exist and the main point here is to note that anything with a gas powered engine will make more noise but produce more power that one has to keep in control to be safe. On the other had gas power washers are heavy and might damage surfaces if used inappropriately. The sheer pressure is why it is best suited for commercial applications rather than home use.

Electric Power washers

These are best suited for applications involving small work that involves more of cleaning rather than busting out tough stains. The fact that they do not emit any carbon is a good new for eco-friendly consumers. Moreover the electric models are quiet and are not heavy like the gas models. Unlike gas models you don’t have to use any anti-freeze materials to prepare for winter and you can also store inside your home at a safe place.

Drawbacks are considered nominal for home use. Electric washers are slow in cleaning with lower psi compared to gas models and are made of plastic as opposed to the metal material in the gas power washer. These are relatively cheaper and safer than the gas model which makes them a perfect fit for residential use.

3 Unbelievable Trends in Consumer Electronics

It’s funny how far we have come in terms of consumer electronics, thanks to the technological advancement.

Previously, when I was maybe in my teenage there were not many gadgets available. But, today with so many low cost electronic gadgets coming out every month, there is enormous competition amongst the major manufacturers.

The result of this competition is helping us consumer because manufacturers try to attract people by creating high quality products for affordable price.

Right from the advancement in the analog to digital technology is evolving.

And if you want to find out more about the trends then it would be a good plan to attend the consumer electronics show (CES). The CES is held in the month of January usually in the United States.

I have got a video for you, watch to get a glimpse of how things are trending CES.

You would appreciate being to one of those consumer electronic shows. There is just everything that one would like to see the next big change, I mean what and how it is going to be in the future.

Especially, if you are a home maker, then I believe these shows will surprise you. Also, make sure you ask those manufacturers a few questions and learn what are those gadgets or electronics. You can come back home and explain it to your family and friends I guess.