Electric Pressure Washer For Residential Use

Well, we are back with yet another buying guide and this time it is for an electric pressure washer. This is a topic, that I was waiting to write about for a long time now. A friend of mine was curious to know which brand is good and how to choose the right model for his residence.power washer reviews

How to pick a Power Washer for cleaning at your home?

Even before I explain more about the procedures to choose the best pressure washer for home, I recommend you to note down the following tips.

  1. PSI (Pressure Per Square Inch).
  2. Amperage.
  3. CU.
  4. HP.

Usually home use pressure washers serve very well for car washing, cleansing outdoor furniture, the dirt meat grills, concrete decks, and also your patios.

If you are seriously looking for a good power washer for home use then you have to decide whether you need an electric power washer or else a gas powered washer.

So what is the difference between the two?

Electric Power Washers Vs Gas Powered Washers.

Let me explain about the advantages and drawbacks of the models.

Gas-powered power washers.

Best suited for cleaning applications like cleaning the siding,  decks, and removing dirt and tough stains from small to large areas which would normally be time consuming if done manually. These washers pump water pressure from anywhere between the range of 2,000 to 3,000  psi vs. 900 to 1,700 psi for electric power washers, this is what makes the gas washers get rid of dirt 2 to 3 times faster when compared to an electric washer.

The drawbacks do exist and the main point here is to note that anything with a gas powered engine will make more noise but produce more power that one has to keep in control to be safe. On the other had gas power washers are heavy and might damage surfaces if used inappropriately. The sheer pressure is why it is best suited for commercial applications rather than home use.

Electric Power washers

These are best suited for applications involving small work that involves more of cleaning rather than busting out tough stains. The fact that they do not emit any carbon is a good new for eco-friendly consumers. Moreover the electric models are quiet and are not heavy like the gas models. Unlike gas models you don’t have to use any anti-freeze materials to prepare for winter and you can also store inside your home at a safe place.

Drawbacks are considered nominal for home use. Electric washers are slow in cleaning with lower psi compared to gas models and are made of plastic as opposed to the metal material in the gas power washer. These are relatively cheaper and safer than the gas model which makes them a perfect fit for residential use.