Heavy Duty Sewing Machines: How to Choose a Heavy duty Sewing Machine

As we all know there are various versions of sewing machines, for example, mechanical or electronic sewing machines, for home use sewing machines, the fully computerized sewing machines, and the last version is the industrial or commercial sewing machine. And an heavy duty sewing machine is a type that is particularly manufactured for rigorous work, I mean for mass production work, for example, textile industries, etc.

sewing heavy duty machine-buying guide

For applications involving heavy fabrics a heavy sewing machine is the ideal choice among professionals for a quality output and easy finishing. And professionals opt for the best and reliable sewing machine from the top brands since they work on a tight schedule.

You just can’t imagine the work an heavy duty sewing machine can do which includes basic work like monograms, blind hem, quilting, buttonhole, and not to forget the decorative sewing purposes. An heavy duty machine is built only for non-stop work and it also features plug and play equipment to attach and use it for wide range of applications.

Did you know that the heavy duty machines actually sew the daily items that we use in life like, for example, bags, upholstery, tents, tarps, auto, luggage, outdoor clothing, covers, and many more in the list that one can imagine.

The top speed of these machines is up-to 1000+ every minute, by now you should have gauged the power of this machine and understand why they are called heavy duty. Designed to sew any kind of material cloth ranging from silk to denims, leather.

Since the nature of the work demands some speed these machines are equipped with built-in threader, extension bed for saving time.

Almost all the major sewing machine manufacturers produce an heavy duty version.

Before you decide to purchase one of these sewing machines, make sure you check out the accessories like the one mentioned here bobbins, assorted needles, spool cap, twin needles, eight presser feet, etc.

Top Rated Heavy Duty Sewing Machine Models.

We have listed heavy duty models from three of the top rated brands such as Singer 4423 heavy duty, Janome 2212 Sewing Machine, Brother HC1850 Sewing Machine  are a few models manufactured by the major sewing machine manufacturers.

Usually priced between $150 to $250 these heavy duty machines are worth their price in return to the amount of work they can do. These machines are available online too and be sure you check all major companies and their models and make your final decision.

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