Food Dehydrators: How to Dry Fruits in a Healthy Way Using a Dehydrator?

Each year we see a lot of new kitchen appliances popping up on the consumer electronics market.

Innovative technologies have emerged to a level where the kitchen appliances are miniaturized and energy efficient. One such appliance is the food dehydrator.

A good food dehydrator will dry the food items and preserve the food for a really long time. The food so prepared is both healthy and tasty to eat.

Nesco snackmaster Food DehydratorThe food items dehydrated does retain most of the vitamins; this is true for both fruits and vegetables. It is scientifically proven that fruits and vegetables after dehydration contain

It is scientifically proven that fruits and vegetables after dehydration contain high level of calorie concentration and some nutrients in one place. I personally recommend the use of only the best and reliable food dehydrator for dehydrating vegetables and fruits.

Dehydrated food items are safe from contaminants that are usually the case with the canned food. It is worth noting that dehydrating meat also helps preserve it for a much longer time.

The health benefits of dehydration are more than you actually think. I have made a small attempt to list the best benefit I think fit below:

  1. Retain the taste and nutritional value of the food item.
  2. Extends the life of food item.
  3. A few food items are better to taste and eat when they are dehydrated.

Types of Dehydrators?

For your information, food dehydrators come in various models, price range, capacity. Here are a few listed below:

  1. Dehydrators with fan system underneath. This system blows hot air from the bottom.
  2. Dehydrators with top fan system. These dehydrators blow hot air from the top to dehydrate food items.
  3. Dehydrators with side walls heating dock system.

Best Practice While Using a Food Dehydrator.

The functioning of a food dehydrator is pretty simple. You have to switch on the dehydrator and set the temperature and time, then you are done.

One thing to keep in mind is that food dehydrators of different models function differently and their settings might not be the same in each of the dehydrating machines. Also, each food item has its very own dehydration specifications to cater for.

Ease of Operation.

Place your food item in the tray and load them into the dehydrator then switch “ON”, it is that simple. Just follow the instructions given in the user manual to set up the temperature for different types of food.

Food dehydrators come with custom trays for specialized food items for accommodating, proper drying, and later for cleaning the trays easily.

Portable and Handy for Travelers.

You can carry these dehydrators along in a bag. Isn’t that cool?

Food dehydrators come in handy to dry fruits for your morning breakfast which is very healthy. Some people even mix these dehydrated fruits and herbs with yogurt for a tasty liquid shake.

When you are travelling, do consider carrying dehydrated foods because this occupies less space.