Refrigerator Without a Freezer: Buyer Checklist to Consider Before Ordering

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I have always advised and recommended consumers that if they do not require a freezer, then don’t go for it. Every home has it’s own refrigeration requirements, and people living in really cold places actually do not have spend on unnecessary features. Rather than choosing a regular fridge, you should consider other options which saves you money and electricity.

Today we will be covering a few options that are alternatives to regular refrigerators.

After a thorough research, reviews, and testing different types of refrigeration options for homes with variety of requirements, a freezerless refrigerator without a freezer is a perfect match for consumers who do not require a freezing compartment.

As of 2016, consumer electronics manufacturers are making refrigerators without freezers with variety in mind so as to cater to all groups of the consumer society. These varieties in products range from small to full size refrigerators, regular door to drawer type refrigerator, etc.

Unlike yester year, these days we have this option to choose a refrigerator for a specific application, for example, home use only, or for offices, dorm rooms, small hotels, and also for medical use. I personally use haier HC32SA42SB 3.2 cubic feet freezerless fridge at my office.

I thought it would be helpful to share some insights into these freezerless fridges first, here we go.

Types of freezerless refrigerators.

  1. First type we are discussing is the compact fridge, the compact refrigerators are small enough even to be put up as a counter top in your kitchen.There are larger but compact fridges available too, which can be positioned under a counter.Both these small and larger compact refrigerators fit well in your dorm room, in your small office. We do have compact refrigerator to store beverages like beer with suitable temperature for a longer shelf life.
  2. Second in the list is the chest refrigerators, the doors are on the top and helps lose minimal cold air whenever you open the door making it more energy efficient.
  3. The chest refrigerator door is so very well designed keeping in mind the available space for opening and closing without any hinderance.Even a chest fridge like the compact refrigerators come with various sizes and uses for different storage purposes.
  4. Unlike the conventional fridges, the freezerless chest refrigerators are built with baskets which are easily movable and replacable.A regular full sized freezerless refrigerators are the units free standing which are the perfect fit for home use, restaurants.
  5. They come in different door versions, for example, double door and single door, etc.
  6. There is one setback when comparing the chest and the compact refrigerators, the chest refrigerator is a bit lesser on the energy efficiency feature.
  7. An Energy Star Certified fridge is always an optimum choice in the long run in terms of energy and cost savings.
  8. Freezerless drawer refrigerator is the third type with drawer cabinets to pull from the bottom of the cabinet. They come with 2 and 3 doors.
  9. Final type but one of my favorite is the Glass front freezerless fridge which are often installed in the restaurants and provide a clear view of what is inside the refrigerator. A little towards energy efficiency because the doors are not opened as frequently as in with a standard refrigerator.
  10. The glass door freezerless fridge is best suited for places where customers can pick what they want without having to open the doors and also for cooking individuals to pick the ingredients when required.

Do remember that a freezerless refrigerator selection is not difficult if you put some time into picking the right dimension, layout, and the storage capacity required for your kitchen needs. This saves a big deal of shopping confusion for consumers who are looking for a refrigerator without a freezer compartment.